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It is a free platform for who is looking for a qualified tutor. Thanks to A.I. and Big Data technologies, we proivde rapid and accurate matching for our members. And we have another platform called “Become a tutor”, it is helping us to enable potential tutor to become a ture teacher.


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Join thousands of students connecting with better tutors online.

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Our Online Lessons are so effective, members are getting on board. We’ve developed one-to-one support programmes in over 200 members to target gaps in students’ learning and help them reach their goals.


We’ve handpicked the best tutors from across the HK

Just 1 in 7 candidates is selected to become a tutor. We personally interview each one for their subject knowledge, enthusiasm and communication skills.

And built an interactive Online Lesson Space

All lessons are real-time, one-to-one and interactive; plus we record them so you can watch them back when it’s time to revise.

Our students improved by +1.7 grades in last year

Our members consistently improve their confidence and grades. Last year, our students made more than three times as much progress as their peers.

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Jacko Tao, Very generous. Focuses on students weakness points. Gives great examples which makes understanding concepts much easier!