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“Become a tutor” platform established to connect students in need of academic help with passionate, bright and experienced private tutors. It is a one-stop platform for students and tutors alike, where we aim to make the process of finding and hiring a private tutor quick and easy!

About Become a tutor

We caters to all ages and all subjects – from children who simply need additional support or English practice to secondary school teenagers who require exam help. By providing this simple platform to connect both parties, we hope to ease the strenuous process of finding a tutor or students, and help kids reach their academic potential!

Pre-tutor Interviews

To build up confidence to student who needs help, before active your tutor account on “Become a tutor” platform, we will have some evaluation tests for you. Secondly, you have to submit your academic certificates for verification.

We are more like a clubhouse

Form time to time, we will organize varies workshops, events and webinars to enable our tutors’ knowledge. And build up a new network within our tutor group. We target to strength our networking, connecting and bonding between our members.

Technical support

We welcome our tutors to have co-orgainze workshop and webinar in particular topic related for English and life sharing. All required technical support will be provided by Dayella Limited in a education offer.

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