How to deal with poor performance post?

Instagram users open the IG APP and can see the posts posted by other users after the last time the IG APP was closed. If the user only looks at the first few posts, other unseen posts will be stoned up and disappeared into the Dynamic Times.

In general, the time that IG users open IG apps most often is 9-10am, because this is the time before most people start work. Plus a good mental state in the morning helps to digest more content. So 9-10am can be said to be the prime time of the post, there is a higher chance for IG users to contact your post, naturally increasing the exposure rate!

Of course, each company’s target customer base is different, and their lifestyles and patterns may vary. Therefore, users are advised to make targeted deployments through unused IG analysis tools such as Sprout Social/ Simply Measured/Instagram Insights to determine the prime time for the post.


What is the best timing to publish a post?

Instagram will evaluate the performance of the post based on the number of Likes and views in an hour. The IG will have a low-level performance with no significant Engagement posts in an hour. Low-performance posts are not preferred in user dynamics. Therefore, companies should remove poorly performing, low Engagement posts to avoid lowering the average Engagement score.

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How many hashtags are the best?

According to several studies, there are relatively no Hashtags posts, and Hashtags posts can add 12.6% Engagement! However, too many Hashtags are counterproductive. You may observe that many large companies do not add too many Hashtags. The last study found that only 7 to 9 Hashtags achieved the best results.




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