Sentiment Tools and Analysis make huge change

Sentiment analysis had been used for analysis of likes, shares and comments on social media. It uses language disgesting engine to evaluate feelings behind terms and phrases on social media platforms (i.e.  behaviors, emotions and opinions).


We all want to know the answer to the Questions below with evidence
and these questions we always need to ask


-Is this service/product review positive or negative?

-Is this customer response satisfied or dissatisfied?

-Based on Facebook ads, how are people responding to this ad campaign/product release/news feed?



What you need to know is

The sentiment is what we subjective feel; our attitudes, emotions and opinions, not facts.


Traditionally we will use NLP, statistics or machine learning methods to identify the sentiment content of a group of text. We also call is opinion mining. In 21st century, sentiment technology and its database become mature. It’s time to go deeper and know more about your target.

1.Tweet Sentiment Visualisation App

NCSU Tweet Sentiment Visualization App (Web App) is a free tool for tweet sentiment analysis.

Function highlight: Impressive “Tag Cloud”

it presents the result into 4 quadrants. Emotional words like Upset – Happy and Relaxed – Stressed are shown. Larger form size of words is more frequent.

2. Hootsuite Insights

Manage up to 3 social media profiles in one place, all with one password.

Basic analytics Track follower growth and see which content resonates with your audience.

Function highlight: free, can link to facebook account( there are limited tools which can interact with Facebook directly.

3. Semantria

An advance sentiment tools, you need to have your own 3rd party’s extraction tool of your target social media platforms.

It is a powerful analysis tool for extracted/existing database.


Highlights: powerful, half year free trial.

Limitation: Windows platform and excel only for its free trial,

4. Meaning clouds

It’s one of the most common sentiment tools for social media analytics.

Highlight: a free package particularly for text sentiment. No installation, easy to use.



Nearly all SMEs and startups understand the impact of social media marketing, but few have the tools to analyze the ROI. This is because recently, such tools are priced and dominated for Fortune 500s.

With free tools for sentiment analysis, however, you can begin understanding how to evaluate Twitter/Facebook marketing performing without any upfront investment except labor cost, save your time. As a result, you can begin tracing social media platforms for issues (e.g., customer complaints) as well as strengths (e.g., reasons why customers like about your brand).


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