How can you work more rapidly and accurately with SEO? 

It is a must ask question for a marketer doing everyday. Luckily, we have so many credible tools for us to weight our website SEO performance. Everyone could do it step-by-step and become a digital marketer, at least, you can do it and improve conversation rate for your portfolio.

And here is my procedure below.


1.Google’s Mobile-Friendly test

That’s my first step to weight the level of mobile-friendly of my new-bone website. This test will tell you how Googlebot will actually see your page. It would give you feedback and ideas for SEO.

Green colour always is your friend. 🙂

if you see red colour in this screen, it will show you the reasons why its failed, e.g. content is too wide, links are too close to each others.


2.Google pagespeed insight

Althoughi am not recommend to use it, it do provide a reference score and direction of 2nd face improvement.


3.Google Analytics

The best tool ever.

You can link to many plugin such as Woo commerce and mailchimp and general a meaningful result for your page performance in the past.

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4.Google Optimize

Advance digital marketing tools, use for experiment design, e.g. A/B testing

5.Google Webmasters

A tool for google know more about you, you can tell google bot your target country and language. Also, it mensions AMP and siteXML. I will share my view point and importance of these technologies with you in upcoming blog.