[It’s always be a question] How to build your value chain?(for individual and your business) ???????

Same formula is adoptable for individual and a group of person or organization. Read it before development your career. Before we talk about value chain , let’s find the definition first.

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Fugure 1:

Are,Ara, I am not going to do in this way!

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How do you need to be thinking about value chain design now?

1. Do experiment, like a scientist, and result your positive value chain

Figure 2

2. Integral value chain architecture and modular value chain architecture. Make it simple.
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Figure 3

3. Win-win is integral architecture. We always do that since the first man in the earth, give and take, that’s the meaning of trading.
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Win-win solution in word tag cloud on white
Figure 4

Fugure 1: google search(Internet)
Figure 2: google search(Mrs. Warner’s 4th Grade Classroom)
Figure 3: google search(Business art for entrepreneurs)
Figure 4: google search(MH Global)