Youtuber? Key Opinion Leader(KOL)?

Wanna to become a Youtuber or KOL? You tried but you fail? or you are still dreaming about that? Then , the below tips should be valuable for you and it’s better to work on it as soon as possible.

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Why Personal Brand is for Every Individual

Personal brand should be important to every individual. Personal brands are not only for the entrepreneur who has their own business. That is the secret to make you stand out of the others.

Building up your personal brand is the proactive way of managing your self identity and how you are perceived in your potential audience.

A strong personal brand will impact your actual ability on getting jobs and increasing your possibility to attract talent and capital.  So, let’s look at these tips that can help you in creating your dedicated brand:


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1. Build Your Platform

If you are going to have your own brand you will need a dedicated online platform in order to create your virtual platform.  Your electronic platform should be your name. You will also need social media accounts that represent your brand at the same time.


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2.  Uniqueness, Strengths and Weaknesses

Think about your Uniqueness compare with your competitors.Identify your Strengths and Weakness from the word F, failure, from time to time.



3. Become an expert and EVER NEVER stop learning,

Beyond Yourself

Once you’ve know how to sharp your uniqueness and strengths, perfect them, and try to minimize and utilize your weaknesses. Learn all that you can and become an expert in particular industry. Never stop learning. And no one can stop you.


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4. Share Your Happiness with Value

I’m not talking about formal class. You might share your happiness and valuable knowledge by helping others. Do this through YouTube, Facebook , and writing blog or comment. This is where you prove yourself and gain influence from doing so.


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5. Style and Personality

Find your own style. That’s no use to follow the same path of successful people. You will never know the hold story of their life and how they could be success. Use your own way and uniqueness to attract job opportunities and clientele that you desire. Well, that’s the essential component of your brand identity and awareness.

When I think of this tip I’m always reminded of Gary Vaynerchuk  “stop watching me and start doing” and ” If you’re good enough, nobody is stopping you” and how he built his brand by doing videos sharing realistic of business world. No one else was doing it in the same way and now look around hundreds of people are following his path. I pretty sure you should heard about Blue Ocean Strategy, and you will know the importance of your brand perception. At least, you will present your brand in a different way to differentiate your business from competitors.


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6. Figure Out Your Values and Set Your Priorities From Time To Time

It’s important to have a clear blue print of your personal and career goals. Well , I do know that will be vary form time to time. However, this will help you to not only identify the most valuable activity to spend your time on but will also have something new to align existing projects with. Figure out reture of investment of your actions and decision-making process. This will ensure you stay on track.


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7. Key Components of Your Brand

Your brand can be created by:

  • What are your brand personality features and characteristic?
    • You might not tell about it at this moment. Then, tell yourself about what do you think about Starbucks? Take a few moments, why do you think people are attracted to the brand of you and what do they feel.
  • Story of your brand. Who are you? Why do people enjoy working with you?
  • Identifying your specialty. On the other words, show us your confidence and your faith. These have always been shown in company mission and vision.

Use these questions to create a strong personal brand persona that you can always refer to. And it acts as back bones of your brand image.



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8. Connection and interaction

In a relationship, whatever types of relationship it was , someone must be optimistic, active and might be adorable or attractive. They are spreading hope, happness and their own culture and you never know it happened. When the time has come, you have a respectable brand that never was.


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By Richard Choi 
15 Aug 2017